Smile Health Dental Clinic

 Smile Hub Dental Clinic, Bayside Medical Centre, Bayside Shopping Centre, Sutton, Dublin 13,…….  the Bayside Medical and Dental Centre is on the first floor above the Aldi Supermarket beside the Bayside Parish Church…..wheelchair accessible with a lift

Patients are to be told that we do no treat patients under the medical card scheme. We treat patients that are private, those with PRSI entitlements and/or all dental insurance cover policies. Patients just have to check with the dental insurance policy providers what there dental cover entitlements are before attending Smile Hub.

Can you please ask your team that if patients ring and say that they’re having difficulty filling out their online forms for Smile Hub that your team can say ‘not to worry our Head Nurse will help you fill out the necessary forms when you attend the dental clinic, please attend your appointment 10 minutes early to enable the forms to be completed’. 
Also the team are not to tell patients that they’re a call answering service.

Answer as: Good morning/afternoon/evening. Thank you for calling Smile Hub Dental Clinic. X speaking, how may I help you? Would you like me to book you in for a dental exam/treatment and your dentist can explain all of your treatment options, associated costs and expected number of treatment visits? Our next available appointment is………….

CHECK THE ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM ON WWW.SMILEHUB.IE TO SEE THE NEXT AVAILABLE TREATMENT TIME/DATES….PRESS THE ‘BOOK ONLINE’ AT THE TOP OF THE WWW.SMILEHUB.IE  WEBPAGE AND BOOK PATIENT INTO SYSTEM  Once you click a date and time you have to scroll down the page and click the buttons (Terms of Use & Contact Consent)  before progressing to patient details such as name, email etc… When you enter all information in,  press verify at end page, it then sends a 4 digit code to customer mobile which you have to fill in before appointment is complete. 

Book patient in and advise them that they will receive a welcome email shortly asking them to fill in some essential forms such as their medical history in advance of their appointment. Please advise patients to take their PPS number with them and/or any relevant dental insurance policy details with them on the day of their dental appointment. If the patient has dental insurance they must ring their dental insurance provider in advance of their dental appointment and obtain written confirmation of their dental insurance entitlements.

If caller wants to reschedule appointment, please book the new appointment and send message to cancel the appointment no longer needed.
If caller looking to speal to dentist

Please ask the team to always make a physical booking in the diary for the next available slot? Then also let Laura Fee know if patient wants a call back? Making the physical appointment booking is the Most Important thing that we need Kendlebell to do no matter what. It is a face to face appointment clinic only. We cannot give clinical advice over the phone. An Appointment to see the dentist must be made.

(Please see  link for the video on how to book appointments online using the Smile Hub website book online button. )

Send Message by email on Kendcomm