Benefits of Outsourced Telephone Answering Service

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In a challenging business environment talking to your existing and potential customers is an effective way to grow your business. Kendlebell provide customer contact services to answer all your phone calls and maximise the potential of every opportunity.

Whether you work from home, manage a small or medium enterprise (SME), run a large business, we make life simpler for you by helping you maintain excellent customer service and grow your business.

Why Outsource Your Calls?

  • Answer calls that otherwise could have been missed
  • Save money service available at a fraction of cost or recruiting
  • Extended opening hours  24 7 if required
  • Free to concentrate on revenue generating activities
  • Positive impression for prospects and clients
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention

To see the wide range of services we provide please visit us our Services Page or call us with your requirements on (1800) 844 448.