Better Business – Four Key Priorities

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There are almost 200,000 small firms in Ireland; they employ 655,000 people, more than half the private sector workforce. Over 50% of Business owners surveyed by the Small Firms Association list the following as key priorities for 2013

Reducing Costs.

Improving productivity/performance levels.

Accessing New Markets

Developing/launching New Products.

Many business owners are currently contracting out a number of business functions which traditionally would have been done in-house Some of the benefits that accrue include:

  • Outsourcing a function is often a fraction of in-house cost as it eliminates the time and expense of recruiting, training and managing staff. In current economic climate it is imperative to lower business operating costs.
  • Through adherence to professional standards outsourcing improves Customer Service and presents a positive impression to clients and prospects.
  • A greater number of companies are chasing a reduced volume of opportunities. Outsourcing your customer contact requirements can give you the edge and ensure you can increase revenues and expand without having to recruit additional staff.
  • Business owners need to focus ‘on’ developing their business.  Outsourcing certain functions means they can spend less time working ‘in’ the business and concentrate on the most important aspects of business.

Are you confident that your firm is not losing any opportunity for business when your receptionists or colleagues are either busy dealing with a customer or on a call, or even out of hours when your office is closed?

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