Do ALL businesses need a telephone answering service ?

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If you have full cover for telephones throughout all your business hours and are able to cope fully with staff sickness and holidays then you may not need any extra help. But for many other businesses having real people on stand-by ready to answer the phone as if they were part of your company can offer great advantages.

Start by putting yourself in the shoes of your customers, or by considering your own experience of phoning companies for whatever reason. What do you feel is important about the encounter?

Is the call answered promptly? Is there a real live, polite, helpful and knowledgeable person? Or is there an answering machine or a voice mail greeting with no indication of how long it might be before your call is returned? Do you end the call feeling that your issue is resolved and being managed, or are you frustrated at being unable to place your order, make your appointment, or just speak to someone?

The way you treat your customers says a lot about your values as a company and seriously affects the image you create. And image, today more than ever, is vitally important to maintaining your competitive edge.To see the wide range of services we provide please visit us our Services Page or call us with your requirements on (1800) 844 448. The team at Kendlebell will take you through the benefits we can provide, call us now to arrange FREE  trial of our services on 1800 844 448 or click on ‘ Free Trial Offer’  on top right of our website.