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For most business owners, cost is a central issue. Kendlebell virtual office solutions can significantly reduce your administration costs, providing a team of dedicated personal assistants to help you attract new customers. Our technologies allow us to look after calls exactly to your brief – from recognising your regular callers to putting calls through to you.


Once a call is diverted from your phone, it activates your company information screen on our messaging system which is presented to your allotted PA. The caller is completely unaware that the diversion has been made – they believe the call is being answered in your office.

At this point, your PA will either put the call through to you or take messages as per your instructions.  A call can be put through to wherever you are – on your direct line, at home, on your mobile. The call will be introduced to you, giving you the opportunity to decide whether or not you want to take it.

All messages are forwarded immediately following a call and can be sent by email and text message. You will always know who called, when, from what company and the exact nature of their enquiry. You will also receive a daily email summary of messages received.

Out of Hours: Either your calls are handled by our 24/7 team, or between 6pm and 8.30am your calls will be answered by our voicemail system (we will record a personalised greeting message for you). Voicemails are checked each morning and sent to you as a message, or if preferred an email is sent to you on receipt of a voicemail with message attached as a WAV file.

To see the wide range of services we provide please visit us our Services Page or call us with your requirements on (1800) 844 448.