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Your business image is like a symphony orchestra.  No single instrument determines an orchestra’s success or failure. Likewise, the image you project is not based on a single business card, brochure, or display, but on the total impression created by all these things and more.

Despite tough economic times, more entrepreneurs than ever before set up companies in Ireland during 2012 with even higher numbers forecast in 2013.   These new businesses look to trim expenses and reduce overhead while keeping professionalism high. The portability of today’s technology also allows for a more flexible work environment.

Donal Daly from Kendlebell has 10 top tips for you to consider when examining your company’s image:

1. Website – Ensure your web address is on all company documentation and  that your site is user-friendly, attractive, search-engine optimised, easy to navigate with clear contact details.

2. Brand – In an overcrowded marketplace, if you’re not standing out, you are invisible.  Establishing a brand is absolutely critical to long-term, sustainable, business growth—especially in service-oriented businesses.

3. Business Address – try to avoid using your home address or a residential location.  If necessary, use a ‘Virtual Office’ provider to supply you with a prestigious address.

4. Customer service – provide efficient, professional, courteous telephone answering at all times.  A cost-effective method of achieving this is to use a ‘Virtual Office’ provider.

5. Sales and Marketing – Always respond consistently to all sales enquiries in a timely fashion.

6. Personal image – When meeting customers and prospects face-to-face, always portray a professional, clean-cut and friendly image.

7. Business cards – Use a landline telephone number to increase response and consider Non-Geographic telephone number so any sales leads won’t be location-biased.

8. Call to action – Provide a range of ‘calls to action’ including: website, email, telephone number and mobile number if relevant.

9. Customer complaints – respond immediately and follow through to a conclusion always showing empathy.

10. Email response – Ensure your emails are consistent with your website ‘look and feel’ including font and colour schemes.

As businesses trend to a more “online” workplace, innovative offerings like Kendlebell virtual office and call answering service,  provide low cost solutions whilst maintaining a professional image for fledgling businesses. Kendlebell provides a range of Personalised Call Answering services to small and medium sized businesses who don’t want to invest in a full time PA or receptionist.

Every Kendlebell customer has their own nominated Personal Assistants, who will learn about you and your business and speak with your customers each time they call all for as little as €55 a month.! Kendlebell also provide Business AddressDiary Management service and a range of Non Geographic numbers (1800/850/890) for rental.

To see the wide range of  customer contact services we provide please visit us our Services Page or call us with your requirements on (1800) 844 448.