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When companies run the numbers, they see that employee’s physical fitness translates into corporate fiscal fitness. Our tough economic times, technological changes, rising health care costs, the focus on efficiency, and the aging workforce are some of the reasons driving the common trend for companies to invest in Corporate Health and Wellness Programs.

In Ireland it costs companies €563 million a year through absenteeism. €3.9 million a day is lost to “sick days” with back pain and stress sighted as the main reasons for sick leave. Back pain is among the most common disorders in western societies causing more financial losses to companies than any other single disorder except common cold.

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programme

  • 20% reduction in absenteeism, reduced: sick leave, lost and unproductive hours
  • Improved workplace relations and staff morale – company-supported wellness programs send the message to employees that their overall well-being is considered.
  • Improved company morale and employee loyalty, according to
  • Increased performance and productivity – according to,
  • Improved workplace safety – Increased physical fitness helps to decrease weight and the risk for lower back pain.
  • Reduced injury rehabilitation and healthcare costs – Businesses with wellness programs see a reduction in health insurance and compensation premiums and claims.
  • Stress Management – Exercise can readily alleviate the effects of work-related stresses
  • For the employee, the most significant benefit is a higher quality of life;

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