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Do your competitors provide exceptionally good or exceptionally poor customer service experiences? If it’s impossible to reach your direct competitor by phone, having your line answered professionally every time will help you stand out.

Conversely, if they have a customer service team that’s available by phone 24-7, then you need to step your game up.

The web enables a lot of businesses to operate without ever talking on the phone, however a lot of people still want to speak with the people they’re doing business with. Furthermore having a real person answer speaks to the legitimacy of your operation. So if you  avoid talking to everyone by sending them to voicemail, a virtual receptionist can help you out.

If you’re going through the same processes over and over again, such as scheduling appointments or gathering contact information, these are things that virtual receptionists are perfect for. Having someone answer your calls will free you up to focus on other non routine aspects of your business.