Businesses rethink automated call answering services.

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Automated call answering is often used by businesses in an attempt to save money, however such practices can often end up costing money in lost customers and sales.


A recent survey, which questioned 1,000 members of the public, found that over half would take their custom away from companies that relied on automated call answering and voicemails, rather than providing a human voice on the end of the phone.

An even greater percentage 70%  said that, when they are shopping around, a business having automated call answering would make them more likely to choose an alternative supplier.

The infuriating practice of having to navigate complicated automated menus or leave a recorded message is considered to be on a par with rude or unhelpful customer service.

When it comes to speaking to companies, consumers place great importance on speaking to a human being, on the person on the other end of the phone answering quickly  and being able to answer their queries.

Customers are forgiving when it comes to not getting the exact person that they are calling for, or having detailed questions answered straightaway.  As long as they have been able to explain their query to a person, the majority are happy to then get an answer later.

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