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Social Media vs. Telephone Contact

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You may believe that telephone customer service is no longer that important, however a recent survey tells otherwise. It was revealed that despite the rise in social media such as Twitter and Facebook, telephone contact is still the favourite method for consumers to get in touch with a business with 65% of respondents preferring to communicate with a company by phone.

Automated Services

Businesses may use automated answering services as one way to deal with callers who prefer to communicate over the phone, but research has shown that automated phone and voice response services give the biggest headache of all in terms of customer service perception.

Telephone Answering Service

With all of this in mind, businesses wishing to succeed in their customer service ratings should avoid using automated systems and keeping their customers on hold for delayed periods of time.  Kendlebell have being providing live personalised Telephone Answering to business owners in Ireland for close to 10 years. Please call 1800 844 448 or email for a free trial of our virtual receptionists phone answering services.