Use Telephone Answering To Build A Following

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Whether you are a sole trader or a limited company, if you are doing any kind of marketing you need to be sure that prospects who respond by phone always have their calls answered.

The recession has resulted in many business owners focusing on what they need to do to survive; there is now an emphasis on a different style of marketing. It is about online lead generation and about connecting with your prospects.

The rise of Social Media has brought a focus on building a fan base – a following of loyal customers. There is now emphasis on the customer journey and the customer experience, telephone answering is a key part of making those work.

There are two things that are needed for every business to grow.

  • One is that you need people talking about your product or service. A third party recommendation is highly profitable for every business.
  • The other is that you need to make sure that you live up to their expectations. It is fantastic when your clients’ recommend you, those referred will come with a high expectation and you need to meet that from the very beginning.

If you are serious about building up a following and are encouraging your clients to recommend your business then you need to put some thought into your telephone answering. The telephone should be answered promptly each time it rings, prospects will not be happy if they reach a voicemail system or – worst of all – the phone just rings unanswered!.

A telephone answering service will use professional receptionists; people who know how to present your company well over the phone. If you are concerned about how you answer your prospective clients please call us on 1800 844 448 to discuss how our virtual receptionist service can help grow your business.